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These simple, stylishly intricate necklaces have been inspired by the handicraft textile technique of crocheting. Instead of the traditional yarn, I have turned chain into a patterned fabric necklace by looping with a hooked needle.


This oxidised silver crocheted necklace measures 20" and is adorned with a striking Prehnite teardrop bead. This natural gemstone is a beautiful pale shade of green with some black needle like inclusions making each Prehnite bead and necklace unique.


The bead which measures approximately 22x7mm is attached with a handmade peg with loop cap to add extra length (approximately 23mm) onto this stunning lariat, scarf necklace.


This neckace is adjustable allowing it to be worn at different lengths. Created using 100% recycled metals.


Matching earrings are also available.

Available for delivery in 5 working days.

Crochet Chain Lariat Necklace with Prehnite Teardrop Bead

  • It's recommended to always apply perfume, hairspray, etc. before putting on jewellery. When not being worn, items should be kept in a bag or a box to prevent from tarnishing.

    Silver dip is the recommended method to clean shiny and polished silver pieces. The liquid cleans deep into the links of the chain and the imprinted pattern. Dry with a soft cloth.

    Oxidised silver doesn't need cleaning. If you require a piece to be reoxidised, please do get in touch.

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