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These simple, stylishly intricate necklaces have been inspired by the handicraft textile technique of crocheting. Instead of the traditional yarn, I have turned chain into a patterned fabric necklace by looping with a hooked needle.


Created using 100% recycled metals, the crocheted necklace section measures 20". Adorned with a rose quartz teardrop bead measuring approximately 22x7mm. The facets of the rose quartz add a magical sparkle. Complete with natural inclusions this beautiful embellishment is attached with a handmade peg with loop cap to add approximately 9mm onto the necklace length. This neckace is adjustable allowing it to be worn at different lengths within the 29".


Available for delivery within 5-7 working days.

Crochet Scarf Necklace with Rose Quartz Teardrop Bead

Out of Stock
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